Ghazouani in front of the residents of the eastern basin: Our country is capable of protecting its citizens

In English, Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, the presidential candidate, affirmed that “Mauritania is capable of protecting its citizens and residents within its borders, and its army possesses the ability and written strategies to do so effectively.” Speaking at a rally in R’as al, the capital of the Hodh El Gharbi region on Saturday evening, Ghazouani stated that “resolving issues affecting our citizens in other countries should be through diplomacy, starting from protests to summoning ambassadors, among other solutions.”

He emphasized that “the logic of states dictates warning their citizens against entering dangerous areas, as major countries do from time to time.” Ghazouani insisted, “No one can compromise the security of our citizens, nor the security of foreigners on our soil.” He reiterated that Mauritania refused to blockade its brothers in Mali due to historical strategic relations and concern for the interests of its citizens in the eastern states.

Ghazouani clarified that the Mauritanian army is organized, disciplined, aware of risks in our country and the region, and has had a written strategy for years to defend our territorial integrity. He concluded emphatically, “Explicitly and clearly, if I cannot secure Mauritania and secure Hodh El Gharbi, then I will not be useful.”

Expressing hope for the return of security and peace to neighboring Mali, Ghazouani pledged assistance, asserting that Mauritania and Mali are brothers, and Mauritania does not believe Malians harbor ill intentions towards Mauritanian citizens or their property.

Regarding development in Hodh El Gharbi, Ghazouani highlighted that during his first term, investments totaling 150 billion Mauritanian Ouguiya were made in developmental projects in the region. He emphasized that Hodh El Gharbi received the largest share of sectoral budgets compared to other regions.

Ghazouani detailed efforts in agriculture, including the construction of 13 dams and the installation of over 400 kilometers of fencing across various areas of Hodh El Gharbi. He also addressed electricity issues, noting significant improvements achieved by importing high-capacity generators to meet the region’s electricity needs.

On water supply, Ghazouani mentioned ongoing efforts with excavators operating for five months in various areas of Hodh El Gharbi to provide drinking water to several cities and dozens of villages over the past five years. He also acknowledged road infrastructure projects, including ongoing work on several key routes.

Discussing educational infrastructure, Ghazouani outlined plans for the construction of 200 classrooms in Hodh El Gharbi, part of the largest educational project since Mauritania’s establishment. He affirmed his commitment to the Republican School project, aiming for successful education and sustainable national unity.

Ghazouani concluded by stating his determination to achieve development goals that meet the aspirations of Hodh El Gharbi’s residents, ensuring the region is filled with achievements and projects.

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