Ghazouani: We will erase the traces of slavery and raise the status of justice and citizenship

The candidate Mohamed Ould Ghazouani stated his vision for a country where the remnants of slavery are eradicated and where justice and citizenship are elevated. He emphasized that Mauritanians constitute one united people with no place for racism, factionalism, or discrimination.

Ghazouani praised the diversity of the Keadi Maghre region, calling it a microcosm of Mauritania where visitors can witness the country’s diversity firsthand. He mentioned his visit to assess achievements during his current term and discuss future plans.

He highlighted accomplishments such as the construction and equipping of a large regional hospital in Seilibabi with state-of-the-art facilities, set to be inaugurated soon. In agriculture, he mentioned the construction of irrigation dams, completion of 21 projects for safe drinking water, and the launch of 17 new projects, along with extensive programs in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Ghazouani noted that Mauritania has successfully implemented a socio-economic development model recognized globally, prioritizing low-income and vulnerable groups, despite global challenges.

Looking ahead, Ghazouani pledged to focus on making Mauritania a strong, just, and prosperous nation, with an administration dedicated to serving its citizens and a judiciary committed to justice. He vowed relentless efforts against corruption, prioritizing youth and human capital development.

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