Ronaldinho describes the Brazilian national team as a “disgrace” and refuses to support it in Copa America

Title: Ronaldinho Criticizes Brazil’s National Team Performance and Boycotts Copa America

In sharp and direct statements, Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho criticized his country’s national team for their recent performances, announcing he will not support them during the upcoming Copa America, scheduled to be held in the United States later this month.

During a wide-ranging interview on the “Cartolucos” platform on YouTube, Ronaldinho described the current state of the Brazilian national team as a “sad moment” in Brazilian football history, citing a lack of leadership, determination, and dedication. He labeled the team’s performance as one of the worst he has ever seen.

“I’ve been following football since childhood, and I’ve never seen such a bad situation,” Ronaldinho added in a tweet on his Instagram account, where he shared excerpts from the interview. He also declared his intention not to attend any matches in Copa America, stating that he will not celebrate any victories by the team.

Ronaldinho’s scathing remarks come amidst Brazil’s decline in performance since their last World Cup victory in 2002, having only reached the quarter-finals in recent World Cups and Copa America editions.

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