Morocco imposes anti-dumping duties on Turkish electric ovens

A source from the Moroccan Ministry of Trade announced today, Friday, that the ministry intends to impose anti-dumping duties on electric ovens imported from Turkey by 62% to protect the local market.

The source added that the Turkish brand “İtimat” will be subject to import duties of only 34%, according to Reuters.

The ministry stated on its website that the dumping margin for Turkish oven companies reached 71.4%, while the dumping margin for İtimat company reached 34%.

Morocco and Turkey signed a Free Trade Agreement in 2004, which was amended in 2020 to impose import duties on some Turkish goods following complaints from Moroccan textile manufacturers.

“Dumping” is the practice of introducing a product produced in a certain country into the market of another country at a price lower than its normal value, which is considered its price in the producing country’s market or its production cost there.

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