Mauritania participates in the Paris Handicrafts Exhibition

Mauritania participates in the Paris Handicrafts Exhibition

Mauritania participated in the 120th edition of the Paris International Traditional Crafts Fair, organized yesterday with the participation of several Arab and African countries to showcase their traditional industries.

The Mauritanian pavilion at the exhibition was inaugurated by the Director of Traditional Industries and Crafts at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Traditional Industry, and Tourism, Abidine Ould Bab Ahmed.

Ould Bab Ahmed emphasized on the occasion that the presence of Mauritanian handicrafts in this edition is a sincere expression of interest in promoting culture and preserving authentic Mauritanian traditions.

He added that Mauritania’s participation in this global event provides an opportunity for Mauritanian craftsmen to connect with their counterparts from various countries to discuss the many opportunities offered by crafts and culture in general.

Ould Bab Ahmed pointed out that the Mauritanian pavilion at the Paris 2024 exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to discover the richness and cultural diversity of Mauritania, as well as its advanced crafts. It also allows them to appreciate the skill of Mauritanian craftsmen and the numerous opportunities provided by the handicraft sector in terms of artistic and financial partnerships.

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