The UAE denounces Netanyahu’s invitation to participate in the management of Gaza

The United Arab Emirates strongly condemned the statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, suggesting that the UAE could participate in assisting a future government in Gaza following the war.

In a morning post on the “X” platform, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan vehemently criticized Netanyahu, stating that “Abu Dhabi condemns the statements made by the Israeli Prime Minister.”

The post emphasized that the UAE reaffirms that the Israeli Prime Minister does not possess any legitimate authority to take such a step, and the country refuses to endorse any plan aimed at providing cover for Israeli presence in Gaza.

“Once a Palestinian government that meets the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people and possesses integrity, competence, and independence is formed, the UAE will be fully prepared to provide all forms of support to that government,” it added.

It’s worth noting that the UAE is one of the few Arab countries with official diplomatic relations with Israel, a relationship it has maintained during the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza since October 7th last year.

Netanyahu stated in an interview that “the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other countries could help a civilian government with Gaza residents after the war.”

Prominent members of Netanyahu’s government reject the idea of an independent Palestinian state, with Netanyahu himself stating that Israel needs to maintain security control over Gaza after the war.

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